Treatment For Hammertoes

If you’re looking for treatment for hammertoes in Wytheville, Dublin, Galax, and Marion, VA, search no more. The doctors of Southwest Podiatry have you covered.

What Is Hammertoe?

Hammertoe is a condition of the smaller toes in which a bending or deformity occurs. The joints between the first and second segments of our toes can develop a downward-facing bend. The shape resembles a hammer, hence the name.

This condition can be caused by tight or narrow shoes, or shoes in which the toes are pushed into a small space, such as boots or high-heels. Tendons on the top of the foot are stretched over time, making them unable to relax, even when shoes are removed.

If left untreated, hammertoe can cause a patient to develop swelling and redness, severe callousing, or loss of toe and/or foot strength, which can affect walking conditions. It can also make finding comfortable shoes very difficult.

Treatment and Recovery

For severe cases, surgery may be an option to give patients relief. The doctors of Southwest Podiatry will be able to assist you in determining the proper treatment options. Patients suffering from hammertoe in Wytheville, VA, Dublin, VA, Galax, VA, or Marion, VA can call or send a contact email to schedule consultations.

The good news; hammertoe can be treated and reversed if diagnosed in time. For many patients, the proper shoes or foot exercises may be able to curb the effects of hammertoe. Most of the bending is due to the strained position the toes are subjected to regularly.

If able to relieve the strain and pressure, the condition will begin to improve. Depending on the patient’s condition, they may be prescribed a variety of orthopedic supports, exercises, stretches, and pain relievers.

Podiatry Specialists

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