Dealing with Hammertoes

Feet are an important part of daily movement and balance and dealing with imperfections can affect normal functionality each day. A common issue that affects many people is known as hammertoes. A hammertoe can affect men and women, but is more prevalent in women, and causes your toe to bend down at the joint like a hammer. Hammertoes aren’t always painful, but left alone, it can cause further complications and friction issues. Your podiatrists at Southwest Podiatry in Wytheville, Dublin, Galax, and Marion, VA, can explain what hammertoes are and how they may be affecting you.

Dealing with Hammertoes

Hammertoe is when a toe is deformed and bent into a claw-like position. You might have pain and discomfort on that toe, especially when you wear shoes and it’s possible to have corns and calluses that develop from the toe rubbing against your shoe. If you’re dealing with a severe case, you might find that you aren’t able to straighten the toe.

If you’re dealing with hammertoes, it’s important to talk to your podiatrists in Wytheville, Dublin, Galax, and Marion, VA, to learn about how you can treat your symptoms. Treatment will depend on the severity of your condition. You may need to wear pads to prevent rubbing and perform exercises each night to strengthen and stretch out the toe. Your podiatrist may also recommend orthotics to help support your feet and correct any imbalances.

In severe cases, surgery may be needed to correct the position of the toe and straighten it out. This will help relieve pain and stop the toe from rubbing against your shoes.

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