Bunion Problems? We Can Help

Bunions, what’s one to do? They’re painful and if the pain subsides, they’re not exactly pretty to look at. At Southwest Podiatry, Drs. Ted Johnson, Janet Bechtel, and Heather Pearman have more than 70 years of experience. They treat a myriad of foot issues at their Wytheville, VA, office and can help with your bunion problem(s).

What’s a Bunion?

A bunion, hallux valgus, is a hard, bony knob on the side of your big toe. This deformity of the joint often bends towards the other toes causing redness and complications like bursitis or arthritis. Bunions result in uneven weight distribution and, interestingly enough, affect more women, according to theĀ American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

What causes bunions?

There are many issues to keep an eye out for, including tight, narrow shoes, foot trauma, arthritis, and occupational foot stress. Give your feet a break! Doctors, including those in Wytheville, recommend wearing comfortable, well-fitted shoes, taking breaks while at work to give your feet a break, and manage your arthritis with medicine and a healthy diet with the supervision of a doctor.

Bunions can debilitate a person. The pain may inhibit regular daily activities. Here are a few tips to help ease your bunion problems:

  • Place an ice pack on your bunion for 15 minutes
  • Tape your foot for support and to cushion the bunion
  • Wear shoe inserts to cushion the bunion
  • Change to wide, supportive shoes or sandals
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication

How about surgery?

Surgery is definitely an option if conservative therapies don’t work. Your podiatrist may do one of the three procedures:

  • Straighten your foot and big toe
  • Remove swollen tissue around the joint
  • Fuse your toe joints
  • Remove some of the bone in your toe

Do you need to speak with a specialist?

For more information about bunions and bunion treatment, contact Southwest Podiatry in Wytheville, VA. Just give Drs. Ted Johnson, Janet Bechtel, and Heather Pearman a call at (276) 228-2212.